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“A Turnaround Time From Out Of This World! Dr Who Time Fracture Trailer has arrived”

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How We Produced the Dr Who Time Fracture Promo Trailer in just 4 weeks.

We’re proud to have worked with Immersive Everywhere and the BBC on the trailer for the new interactive “Dr Who Time Fracture” theatre experience back in July. With the trailer now having amassed over 57k+ views on Youtube since launch, we take a brief look at our approach to the project and how we produced, shot, and edited the trailer all in the space of a month. 

Week 1
We were approached by Immersive Everywhere with the brief to produce a short trailer for their new Doctor Who themed immersive theatre experience. We immediately began conceptualising the look and feel of the trailer, pitching our vision of creating an ‘immersive story’ within the ‘immersive experience’. 

Week 2
After visiting the venue and meeting the cast of the production, we gained a better understanding of the journey the participants would be taken on, which in turn helped us to develop our story driven narrative for the final trailer. After creating storyboards and receiving sign-off from the client, we began casting extras and getting our experienced crew ready for the confirmed shoot dates. 

Week 3
We shot the full trailer in the space of two busy but productive days, with our dedicated team of directors, producers, camera operators and DOPs. We loved being on set and bringing our ideas to life through the collaborative efforts of all involved. 

Week 4
We began putting the final piece of the puzzle together in post-production, and worked closely with the BBC to ensure they were happy with how their intellectual property was represented. We provided 3 final outputs; a 30 second and 60 second trailer, and a longer 5 minute narrative journey film. The reaction and feedback so far has been fantastic.