This week sees the launch of “Inside Stories”, our new global brand campaign for impact protection brand, D3O. Over the last six months, we’ve filmed several of D3O brand ambassadors across different industries including NHL star Seth Jones, multi winning Isle of Man TT motorcyclist, Michael Dunlop, down hill biker Tahnée Seagrave, Scott Sport’s Robin Gillon and many more.

All the multi-talented athletes and personalities are empowered to push their limits and those of their teams and have a unique approach to life and the challenges and fears they overcome as part of it. Our stories focus on this as well as the confidence that D3O gives them in removing restraint, leveraging the smallest window of opportunity or providing critical focus on the mission.

We have produced extensive video and media assets across various digital platforms. The campaign signifies a shift in direction for D3O as for the first time, we have concentrated on targeting the end user of their products, a strategy that looks set to continue through 2020.